Research report 2015 - German Climate Computation Center

New supercomputer at DKRZ ensures Germany’s leading position in climate research

Böttinger, Michael; Meyer, Jana
Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum, Hamburg
In 2015 DKRZ took its third high performance computing system for earth system research (HLRE-3) into operation. 41 million euros, funded by BMBF and HGF, enabled DKRZ to install the new energy-efficient PetaFLOPS supercomputer “Mistral”, to upgrade its HPSS archive system, as well as to adapt the datacenter's technical infrastructure to the new requirements. Mistral is installed in two phases: its first phase took up the operation in July. Its final stage, planned to be completed in summer 2016, will deliver three PetaFLOPs. In October, DKRZ and numerous guests officially inaugurated Mistral.

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