Research report 2015 - Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

ICON: A new model for the investigation of the role of small clouds in the global climate system

Giorgetta, Marco(1); Stevens, Bjorn(1); Dipankar, Anurag(1), Adamidis, Panos(2) (1): Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie (2): Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum
Atmosphäre im Erdsystem (Bjorn Stevens)
The newly developed ICON atmosphere model features two important improvements compared to older models. Firstly the choice of the non-hydrostatic equations allows to simulate small scale circulations as they occur in convective clouds and their environment. Secondly the numerical methods have been chosen such that even massively parallel supercomputers can be exploited. Both features together provide new perspectives for the research on the dynamics of convective clouds and their interaction with large-scale circulations and the global climate.

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