The Max Planck Florida Institute is founded


Photo: The opening of the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (MPFI) in Jupiter, Florida, with a collective ribbon-cutting ceremony. At the ceremony personalities from the university town, from the County and from the US state of Florida were there. For the BMBF State Secretary Cornelia Quennet-Thielen participated (4.v.l.), right next to her MPS President Peter Gruss and Institute Director David Fitzpatrick (2.v.l.). The Institute in Florida is the first MPI in cutting-edge research country USA, © Tracey Benson Photography.

The Senate decided in 2007 to establish the first international Max Planck Institute outside Europe. It opened in 2012 on the Jupiter campus of Florida Atlantic University. The Institute, financed with US funds, observes the MPG’s guidelines and rules for quality assurance and focuses on research in the life sciences. The foundation of the Institute marks a further step towards increased internationalization of the MPG, which has already been achieved in the existing Institutes through the high number of foreign scientists working there and the global interconnectedness of their research endeavours.

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