MPR 2 /2010


A Continent Learns Democracy
Civil wars, famine, corrupt governments: Africa just doesn’t seem to be able to find peace.
Nevertheless, some positive prospects are opening up.

Physics & Astronomy

The Secrets of Cosmic Grains
No, the sky is not falling, but it does occasionally rain down cosmic chunks. And these are an enrichment for research.

Biology & Medicine

Wire(less)tapping in the Aviary
What goes on in the heads of zebra finches when the males and females engage in a tête-à-tête?

Material & Technology

Robots That Learn!
Machines are naturally dumb. They lack flexibility and the ability to react appropriately and at the right time. Scientists are trying to teach robots something akin to intelligence.

Environment & Climate

Conflicts in the Wake of Catastrophe
In December 2004, a giant wave hit the coasts of the Gulf of Bengal, wreaking catastrophic damage. But the destruction from this tsunami affected more than just nature: it also threw the economic and social order into disarray.

Culture & Society

Dancing with Bees
What is the significance of the dances of bees, which have been observed since antiquity? Karl von Frisch decoded the mystery.

So Much Life
Personal Portrait: James W. Vaupel
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