MPR 3 /2010


The State’s Tax Predicament
How can the state prevent international groups from bypassing the taxman and channeling profits made in Germany out of the country?

Physics & Astronomy

Taming Quantum Ghosts
A particle that exists in two locations at once – this is found only in the quantum world. When physicists study phenomena like this, they learn quite a bit about the mysterious universe of the very small.

Biology & Medicine

Meet the Neanderthals
Neanderthals mated with modern humans! This revelation generated great excitement among the media, but it’s old news for anthropologists. They are more interested in the genome of our closest relative.

Marine Passion
Personal Portrait: Nicole Dubilier

Material & Technology

Magnets – Made by Microbes
Magnetic nanoparticles such as those produced by magnetotactic bacteria could help detect tumors, and would be of great value in medicine.

Environment & Climate

Genes against Drought
In many regions of the world, agriculture is threatened by a lack of water. New plant varieties must thus be developed that are especially resistant to drought.

Culture & Society

Networking Diversity
Frankfurt ranks among the global cities. Sociologists are studying the sheer variety of the city’s social mix and contributing to a new draft integration and diversity plan.
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