Research report 2013 - Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing

Anti-ageing hormone receptors

Heestand, Bree N.; Shen, Yidong; Liu, Wei; Magner, Daniel B.; Storm, Nadia; Meharg, Caroline; Habermann, Bianca; Wollam, Joshua; Hoppe, Caroline; Li, Dongling; Latza, Christian; Rottiers, Veerle; Hutter, Harald; Winnen, Brit; Antebi, Adam
Molekulare Genetik des Alterns
A reduced caloric intake increases life expectancy in many species. But how diet prolongs the lives of model organisms such as fruit flies and roundworms has remained a mystery until recently. Scientists at the institute discovered that hormone receptors are one of the links between nutrition and life expectancy in roundworms. It may be possible that related receptors are also responsible for regulating life expectancy in human beings.

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