Projects and Workshops

Tandem Projects

The opportunity is open to scientists in Latin America, together with their cooperation partners at a Max Planck institute, to apply for a Tandem Project – a joint research project that is funded for three years. The basis for these Tandem Projects lies in a call for applications for corresponding funding sponsored by the country partnering with the Max Planck Society. The pattern for such a cooperative programme already exists between the MPG and Argentina’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MinCyT), it is called "PICT projects". Junior scientists are thereby given the opportunity to carry out projects independently in order to prepare them step by step to take on positions of responsibility in the research community. Similar cooperative programmes with other countries in Latin America are in preparation.

Exploration Workshops

Bilateral workshops held in Latin America allow scientists from the Max Planck institutes to become more closely acquainted with the research potential in specific countries, consolidate scientific contacts and discuss joint projects.

Examples include the Workshop on Biosciences and Nanotechnology in November 2005 in Buenos Aires and the conference on Neurosciences and Nanotechnology in January 2010 in Valparaiso, Chile. The largest event to date was the symposium on Frontiers in BioScience, which took place in April 2012 in Buenos Aires.

In November 2016 two bilaterale conferences took place in Buenos Aires involving a major number of Max-Planck directors. Adressed will be the the topics "Frontiers of Biological Science"  and "Frontiers of Physical Sciences".

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