Press and Public Relations

Isabella Milch
Press Officer, Head of Public Relations and Press Department
Phone:+49 89 3299-1288Fax:+49 89 3299-2622
Julia Sieber
Publications, Internet Journal, Fairs, Exhibitions
Phone:+49 89 3299-1782Fax:+49 89 3299-2622
Iris Eckl
Internet, Children- and Youth Projects
Phone:+49 89 3299-1744Fax:+49 89 3299-2642
Ingrid Kaufmann
Visitors Service, Conference Organization
Phone:+49 89 3299-2233Fax:+49 89 3299-2622
Regina Buchstab
Picture Editor, Secretarial Office
Phone:+49 89 3299-2607Fax:+49 89 3299-2622

Head of administration

Dr. Josef Schweinzer
Phone:+49 89 3299-1284


Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics

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