Milinski, Manfred

Prof. Dr. Manfred Milinski
Phone:+49 4522 763-254Fax:+49 4522 763-310

Curriculum Vitae

Born on February 8, 1950 in Oldenburg. Study of biology and mathematics in Bielefeld and Bochum (1978), German Habilitation in zoology in Bochum (1985), Heisenberg Scholarship Oxford Univ./UK (1986-1987), Professor of Zoology and Behavioural Ecology Bern Univ. (1987), Director and Scientific Member at the Max Planck Institute of Limnology (1999-2007), since 2007 Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology. Honorarprofessor of Kiel University (since 2000).
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