What is the procedure for applying to a Max Planck institute?

What is the procedure for applying to a Max Planck institute?

17. I would like to apply as a trainee at a Max Planck institute. What requirements must I fulfil?

The requirements vary widely, dependent on the institute and the position you are applying for. Generally, however, a high-standard school-leaving certificate is expected with good grades in German, mathematics and English. It is also important that you be able to express yourself well both verbally and in writing, and demonstrate motivation, commitment, flexibility and personal as well as team skills. For current job offers, follow this link.

18. What documents do I need to make a successful application as a trainee?

Please send your application documents including a covering letter, CV, certificates and references to the human resources department at the institute in question. If you are a suitable candidate, you will usually be invited to an introductory interview. In addition, many Max Planck institutes hold orientation days for groups of applicants. The aptitude tests that you will be required to take are designed to demonstrate your general knowledge, logical thinking and concentration skills, as well as your knowledge of mathematics and English.

19. What requirements must I fulfil in order to apply to an International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS)?

If you apply to an International Max Planck Research School , you should have a first-class or above-average Master’s degree or equivalent national qualification. An outstanding written thesis is also an integral requirement for admission. Since most graduate schools are interdisciplinary by nature, almost all IMPRS accept students with a broad scientific background. However, this requirement differs from one Research School to another.

20. What is the procedure for applying to an International Max Planck Research School? What documents do I need?

At the larger Research Schools the application procedure generally begins with online registration. Please take your time: the questionnaire will usually require you to provide detailed information. After you have registered, you will automatically receive an application form. Complete this and return it by e-mail to your IMPRS together with the application documents that are requested. Please note that all electronic documents must be submitted as PDF, .JPG or MS Office files. The application will not be complete until the IMPRS coordinators have received all of your documents plus two standardised letters of recommendation from your tutors/supervisors.