Dr. Proteeti Bhattacharjee
Liaison Officer, India Office of the Max Planck Society, 2 Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri 110021, New Delhi, India
Phone:+91 11 41663202

Max Planck India Mobility Grants

Doing research in Germany

Max Planck-India Mobility Grants are set out to enable that

Qualified and promising Indian post docs up to a maximum of 35 years of age who already have a recognisable scientific profile can apply for Max Planck-India Mobility Grants. Time previously spent at a Max Planck Institute is not a requirement.

Indian scientists receiving this grant must spend at least one month a year at a Max Planck institute. The host Max Planck institute receives a travel allowance of € 3,000 a year for the Indian post docs for a period totalling four years; the grant can be used for flights, accommodation costs and regional travel costs.

Since 2005, some 50 “Max Planck-India Mobility Grants” have been awarded to Indian scientists, 20 of which are still active. The next call for nomination will be released in Mai/Juni 2016.

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