Max Planck-Weizmann Postdoctoral Programme

Max Planck-Weizmann Postdoctoral Programme

The application deadline for the second round of applications for the German-Israeli 'Max Planck Weizmann Postdoc Programme' is 3 July 2024. 

The Max Planck Society (MPG) and the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) jointly offer outstanding postdoctoral researchers in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and earth sciences a prestigious four-year appointment in a unique research environment.

About the programme

The cooperation between the MPG and the WIS offers talented researchers the opportunity to participate in innovative projects, benefit from the expertise of two renowned institutions and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective subjects. The German-Israeli Max Planck Weizmann Postdoctoral Programme thus supports scientific cooperation and interdisciplinary research in both countries.

Highlights of the programme

Duration: The Max Planck Weizmann Postdoctoral Programme is designed for four years, with half of the time spent at the MPG and half at the WIS. This country split allows the postdocs to benefit from the expertise and resources of both institutions and to gain a comprehensive and broad research experience. Over four years, the postdocs will be able to conduct in-depth research and complex experiments, and thus publish relevant contributions in their respective fields.

Position: The selected candidates will receive a four-year appointment, which will allow them to fully concentrate on their research projects. The employment contracts are concluded according to German guidelines and take into account the postdoc's level of experience. The individual levels are as follows:

Level 2: 62,822 € per year

Level 3: 67,946 € per year

Global Research Collaboration: The selected postdocs have the opportunity to collaborate with leading scientists of the MPG and the WIS. This programme fosters a global research network that promotes the exchange of ideas, expertise and diverse perspectives.

Travel and conference funds: Scientific networking and dissemination of research results are important. Under the programme, postdocs receive up to 3000 euros per year for conferences, workshops and seminars that enable them to present their work, exchange ideas with peers and make important professional contacts.

Full benefits package: the selected postdoctoral fellows will receive a full benefits package including relocation expenses, health, nursing, pension and unemployment insurance, as well as access to institutional resources and state-of-the-art research facilities.

Housing allowance: Employees are eligible for a housing allowance during their stay at WIS in Israel.

Application process

Applicants for the joint MPG-WIS postdoctoral programme should note the following:

  • Contact researchers at the MPG (see list of institutes) and the WIS to discuss a possible collaborative project in which researchers from both institutions can serve as joint hosts.
  • Submit a detailed CV including your academic background, research experience, list of publications, awards and other relevant information on your research area.
  • Each application requires at least three letters of recommendation (one of which should come from the doctoral supervisor, if possible). These letters should be from people who are familiar with your research and can assess your potential as a postdoctoral researcher in your field.
  • Letters of support from the MPG and WIS visiting scientist (this can be a joint letter).
  • Project outline explaining the research project and its collaborative nature between MPG and WIS (limited to two pages).  
  • A statement of the planned division between the institutes (MPG and WIS) for the duration of the four years. This should indicate at which institute (MPG or WIS) you will start your four-year assignment.  

After you have completed the questionnaire and clicked on "Submit Application", you will receive an email confirming your application. Please note: This email also contains links for each of the reviewers you have indicated. You can send each reviewer his/her own link with which he/she can access the system and submit the letter of recommendation.

Deadline: 3 July 2024  

Online application form: You are now redirected to the WIS application form

For enquiries and support regarding the joint MPG and WIS postdoc programme, please contact our programme coordinator, Mr. Michael Nagel.  

Mr. Nagel is your main contact and will advise you throughout the application process and during your participation in the programme.  

You can reach him as follows:  


Phone: +49-89-2108 1258 

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