Prof. Dr. Frank Eisenhauer

Prof. Dr. Frank Eisenhauer

Curriculum Vitae

Born 1968 in Augsburg, studied physics (diploma 1995) at the Technical University of Munich, TUM, reached his doctorate in 1998 at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, MPE, and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, LMU, habilitation in 2011 at TUM, postdoctoral researcher at MPE (1998-2003) as well as senior staff scientist at MPE since 2003, adjunct teaching professor at TUM since 2011 and associate professor at TUM since 2023, director at Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics since 1 June 2023.

Research Interests

Leading the development and science exploration of large astronomical instruments and experiments, two of them are part of the instrument suite employed in the discovery and characterization of the Galactic Center Black Hole.

Selected Awards

Among others:
  • Tycho Brahe Medal of the European Astronomical Society for the leadership of the SINFONI and GRAVITY instruments (2011)
  • Gruber Cosmology Prize for designing instruments that collected evidence for a black hole at the center of our galaxy (2022)
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