Research report 2021 - Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research

Atomic-scale tuning of the charge distribution by strain engineering in oxide heterostructures

Wu, Yu-Mi; Suyolcu, Y. Eren; Kim, Gideok; Christiani, Georg; Wang, Yang; Keimer, Bernhard; Logvenov, Gennady; van Aken, Peter A.
Wissenschaftliche Einrichtung "Stuttgarter Zentrum für Elektronenmikroskopie", Wissenschaftliche Einrichtung "Dünnschichttechnologie", Abteilung "Festkörper-Spektroskopie"
Mechanical strain can be used to selectively modify physical properties in oxide heterostructures. For this purpose, we embedded La0.5Sr0.5MnO3 (LSMO) layers between La2CuO4 (LCO) layers and deposited them on different substrates. This allowed us to tune systematically the mechanical strain within the LSMO layers. Within the layers, we determine the charge distribution atomically resolved by electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) and correlate it with measurements of conductivity as well as magnetic properties.

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