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Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
Konrad-Zuse-Straße 1
18057 Rostock
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With life expectancy increasing even as birth rates decline, the social and political consequences that demographic change entails are just some of the many issues addressed by scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock. Further projects are dedicated to the genetic, medical and biological aspects of ageing, and to the transformation of the human lifecycle. Still other work deals with the stability of family patterns in Europe over the centuries, the correlation between politics and demographic change, and the issue of how institutional, political and economic changes in Europe have affected the population.

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    This institute has no International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS).

    There is always the possibility to do a PhD. Please contact the directors or research group leaders at the Institute.

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