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Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Becker, U.: Altersvorsorge und Demographie – Herausforderungen und Regelungsbedarf. Juristenzeitung (JZ) 77 (17), pp. 804 - 812 (2022)

Book (2)

Becker, U.; Kingreen, T.: SGB V, Recht des öffentlichen Gesundheitswesens. C.H. Beck, München (2022), XXXIX, 1345 pp.
Hruschka, . (Ed.): Genfer Flüchtlingskonvention: Handkommentar. Nomos, Baden-Baden (2022), 917 pp.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Seemann, A.: On War, Loyalty, and Reconciliation - The German Minority during the Second World War and the Postwar Legal Reckoning. In: Like Snow in the Sun? The German Minority in Denmark in Historical Perspective, Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2022, pp. 68 - 91 (2022)

Working Paper (7)

Working Paper
Srdelić, L.; Smolić, .: SHARE Working Paper Series 83-2022: Factors associated with place of death: evidence from older adults in 24 European countries. (2022)
Working Paper
Kulati, E.; Myck, M.; Pasini , .: SHARE Working Paper Series 82-2022: Temporal Discounting in Later Life. (2022)
Working Paper
Bergmann, M.; Kneip, T.; De Luca, G.; Scherpenzeel, .: SHARE Working Paper Series 81-2022: Survey participation in the Eighth Wave of the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE). (2022)
Working Paper
Berngruber, A.; Bethmann, A.: SHARE Working Paper Series 80-2022: Generational Patterns of Transitions into Adulthood across Europe – It’s Complicated. (2022)
Working Paper
Bergeot , J.; Jusot, F.: SHARE Working Paper Series 79-2022: Beliefs, Risk and Time Preferences and COVID-19 Preventive Behavior: Evidence from France. (2022)
Working Paper
Bergmann, M.; Franzese, .; Schrank, .: SHARE Working Paper Series 78-2022: Determinants of Consent in the SHARE Accelerometer Study. (2022)
Working Paper
Bergeot , J.; Jusot, F.: SHARE Working Paper Series 77-2022: The Consequences of unmet Health Care Needs during the first Wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Health. (2022)
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