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Journal Article (14)

Journal Article
Klostermeyer, J.: Lamb Waves Originating in Nongeostrophic Disturbances: A Case Study. Journal Geophysical Research 82, pp. 1441 - 1448 (1977)
Journal Article
Krimigis, S. M.; Armstrong, T. P.; Axford, W. I.; Bostrom, C. O.; Fan, C. Y.; Gloeckler, G.; Lanzerotti, L. J.: The low energy charged particle (LECP) experiment on the Voyager spacecraft. Space Science Reviews 21, pp. 329 - 354 (1977)
Journal Article
Lee, H.-J.; McKenzie, J. F.; Axford, W. I.: Discontinuous transitions in a current-carrying plasma. Astrophysics and Space Science 51, pp. 3 - 32 (1977)
Journal Article
Marsch, E.; Steeb, W.-H.; Grensing, D.: One-Dimensional Hubbard Model With Nearest and Second Nearest Neighbour Hopping in the Hartree-Fock Approximation. J. Phys. F: Metal Phys. 7, pp. 401 - 406 (1977)
Journal Article
Messinger, H. F.; Greenstadt, E. W.; Axford, W. I.; Wetherill, G. W.: Comet exploration: Scientific objectives and mission strategy for a rendezvous with Encke. Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics 50, pp. 209 - 236 (1977)
Journal Article
Nielsen, E.; Axford, W. I.: Small scale auroral absorption events associated with substorms. Nature 267 (5611), pp. 502 - 504 (1977)
Journal Article
Rosenbauer, H.; Schwenn, R.; Marsch, E.; Meyer, B.; Miggenrieder, H.; Montgomery, M.; Mühlhäuser, K.-H.; Pilipp, W.; Voges, W.; Zink, S. K.: A Survey on Initial Results of the Helios Plasma Experiment. J. Geophys. 42, pp. 561 - 580 (1977)
Journal Article
Röttger, J.: Travelling disturbances in the equatorial ionosphere and thier association with penetrative cumulus convection. Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics 39, pp. 987 - 998 (1977)
Journal Article
Röttger, J.; Becker, H.: Die HF-CW-Dopplermethode und ihre Anwendung in der Ionosphärenforschung. Kleinheubacher Berichte 20, pp. 243 - 254 (1977)
Journal Article
Röttger, J.; Czechowsky, P.: Clear-air-turbulence and tropospheric refractivity variations observed with a new VHF-radar. Naturwissenschaften 64, p. 580 (1977)
Journal Article
Schlegel, K.: Amplitudenverhalten partieller Echos in der ruhigen polaren D-Region. Space Science Reviews 20, pp. 257 - 265 (1977)
Journal Article
Schlegel, K.; Rose, G.; Widdel, H. U.: Interplanetary magnetic field polarity changes and D-region radio waves absorption. Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics 39, pp. 101 - 103 (1977)
Journal Article
Stubbe, P.; Kopka, H.: Modulation of the polar electrojet by powerful HF waves. Journal Geophysical Research 82, pp. 2319 - 2325 (1977)
Journal Article
Widdel, H. U.; Rose, G.; Borchers, R.: Payload BIII - an instrument package for the measurement of conductivity, concentration an mobility of positive and negative ions in the meosphere. J. Geophys. 44, pp. 179 - 188 (1977)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Axford, W. I.: The three-dimensional structure of the interplanetary medium. In: Study of Travelling Interplanetary Phenomena, pp. 145 - 164 (Eds. Shea; A., M.; others). D. Reidel Publ. Comp., Dordrecht, Holland (1977)

Conference Paper (6)

Conference Paper
Axford, W. I.; Leer, E.; Skadron, G.: The acceleration of cosmic rays by shock waves. In: Conference papers, 15th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 13-26 August 1977, pp. 132 - 137. (1977)
Conference Paper
Schlegel, K.; Brekke, A.; Haug, A.: Partial reflection studies in the quiet polar D-region with respect to mesospheric turbulence parameters. In: Proceedings of Dynamical and Chemical Coupling between the Neutral and Ionized Atmosphere, pp. 253 - 259 (Eds. Grandal, B.; Holtet, J. A.). D. Reidel Publ. Comp, Dordrecht-Holland (1977)
Conference Paper
Schwenn, R.; Rosenbauer, H.; Mühlhäuser, K.-H.: The solar wind during STIP II interval: stream structures, boundaries, shocks and other features as observed on Helios-1 and Helios-2. In: Contributed Papers to the Study of Travelling Interplanetary Phenomena/77, pp. 351 - 361 (Eds. Shea, M. A.; Smart, D. F.; Wu, S. T.). Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, Hanscom AFB, MA, U.S.A. (1977)
Conference Paper
Stubbe, P.; Kopka, H.: On the ionospheric modification experiment projected at MPI Lindau: Scientific objectives. In: AGARD Artificial Modification of Propagation Media, p. 9-1-9-11. (1977)
Conference Paper
Stubbe, P.; Kopka, H.: Modulation des polaren Elektrojet durch Radiowellen hoher Intensität. In: Kleinheubacher Berichte, pp. 129 - 142. (1977)
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