MPR 1 /2011


Biodiversity Must Be Restored
Recent decades have seen an accelerated extinction of wild plants and animals throughout the world. There is still a chance to stop it, at least in Germany. A simple model shows a way out of the bio - diversity crisis.

Physics & Astronomy

The Warped Ways of Cosmic Light
Albert Einstein predicted them, modern giant telescopes detected them: gravitational lenses. Today, researchers simulate them on the computer.

Biology & Medicine

The Tangled NETs of the Immune System
White blood cells that cast net-like structures to ensnare pathogens recently gave scientists quite a surprise. Now the first patients are reaping the benefits of this discovery.

Materials & Technology

Electricity from Hot Air
Even the most efficient motor generates more heat than propulsion. However, thermoelectric generators could convert some of this unused energy into electricity. Scientists are currently searching for suitable materials.

Environment & Climate

Going Head to Head with Winds and Clouds
Personal Portrait: Thorsten Mauritsen

Culture & Society

The Echo of Digital Tweets
Twitter, Facebook and their ilk – social media are increasingly dominating the Internet. But how do messages spread across these new platforms? What role does a small clique of superinfluentials play?
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