Research report 2012 - Max Planck Institute for Informatics

YAGO: Knowledge on the Web

Suchanek, Fabian; Hoffart, Johannes; Weikum, Gerhard
„Ontologies“ und „Datenbanken und Informationssysteme“, Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, Saarbrücken
YAGO is a large knowledge base, which we built up by information extraction techniques from Internet sources. YAGO contains about 10 million entities and concepts, and knows more than 100 million facts about them. We use techniques from logics to ensure the consistency of our data – YAGO has a false-positive rate of only 5%. YAGO is freely available for download and querying. YAGO is already being used in some semantic projects, and could be the starting point for a new generation of search engines.

For the full text, see the German version.

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