European Research Area


The basis for the European Research Area is intensive bilateral and multilateral relations between national research facilities. The Max Planck Society now has an extensive network in Europe. [more]

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EU Information

A list of successful ERC Grantees within the MPG can be requested from the Brussels Office of MPG Assistance for further networking can be given.

Brussels office of the Max Planck Society

Brussels office of the Max Planck Society

Address: Rue Royale 225-227, B-1210 Brussels

The main aim of the Brussels Office is to embed the projects of the Max Planck Institutes into the European research programmes. It is also a service platform providing support to the Max Planck Society and its institutes in their relations with the European institutions in all European aspects of policy and funding.

Dr. Rüdiger Hesse
Head of Office
Phone:+32 2 503-3203Fax:+32 2 250-1420

N. N.

Rainer Horstmann
Scientific Officer, Munich
Phone:+49 89 2108-1226Fax:+49 89 2108-1200

Dr. Babett Gläser
Scientific Officer
Phone:+32 2 250-1412Fax:+32 2 250-1420

Andres Rojas del Rio
Scientific Officer
Phone:+32 2 250-1413Fax:+32 2 250-1420

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