Broschure - Research in a global context

Do you want to know more about the current collaborative research efforts of the Max Planck Society? Our internationalisation brochure "Research in a global context" outlines all the important information.


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Facts & Figures

International cooperations

Max Planck institutes operate as a worldwide network based on international cooperations and projects. The Max Planck Society has more than 4,500 international projects with more than 5,000 partners in 118 countries. International cooperations promote scientific performance and productivity; they create a scientific added value, and in many research fields make it possible to actually achieve a critical mass.

(Reference year: 2014)

Foreign personnel in the Max Planck Society

  • 31.5 per cent of the staff (22,000) is from abroad
  • 33.0 per cent of the Max Planck directors are foreign citizens
  • post docs are the most international with a foreign contingent of 72.4 per cent
  • 53,7 per cent of the doctoral students come from abroad

(Reference date: January 1, 2015)

Junior and visiting scientists in the Max Planck Society

About 6,800 junior and visiting scientists from all over the world work at the Max Planck institutes. They are not only a valuable addition for the scientific work undertaken at the institutes, they also make it possible to build an international network. For the post docs, junior and visiting scientists themselves, a period spent at a Max Planck institute is invariably a valuable step in individual qualification and career development – a win-win situation for both sides.

(Reference year: 2014)

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