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Max Planck Society statement on the decision of Nikos Logothetis

May 01, 2015
Max Planck director Nikos Logothetis has informed the scientific community that, following the completion of his ongoing and previously approved research on primates, he will no longer work with primates but instead focus exclusively on rodents in the future. The Max Planck Society regrets this decision. [more]

Area-wide transition to open access is possible

April 27, 2015
A new study calculates a redeployment of funds in Open Access [more]

Participation sought: new citizen science project

April 21, 2015

Volunteers will screen video footage filmed by camera traps and identify wild African animals


The toolbox of life

April 21, 2015

A ceremony on 16 April in Berlin marked the official start of the MaxSynBio research programme


New questions raised by discovery in archive

April 09, 2015
In the course of recent investigations, human brain sections have again been discovered in the archive of the Max Planck Society in Berlin, which have not yet been fully investigated as far as their scientific and medical history is concerned. The brain sections belong to the estate of the doctor and brain researcher Julius Hallervorden and were donated to the archive in 2001. At that time the controversial nature of the material was apparently not recognised. [more]

50 million euros for junior scientists

March 23, 2015
Max Planck Society is improving the education and training, as well as career conditions for its doctoral students and postdocs [more]

Strategist and visionary in times of upheaval

February 20, 2015
The former President of the Max Planck Society and renowned social law expert Hans F. Zacher has passed away [more]
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