Otto Hahn Award

Otto Hahn Award

The Max Planck Society provides one recipient of the Otto Hahn Medal each year with the opportunity, following on from a stay abroad, to head a small research group (former Otto Hahn Groups) at an MPI of their choice with a research project specifically designed for that purpose, thus enabling a young scientist / researcher to continue his/her career in Germany.



Dr. Mariana Rossi Carvalho, Fritz Haber Institute


Dr. Samuel Meek, Fritz Haber Institute

Marc Engelhart, MPI for Foreign and International Criminal Law


Daniela Sammler, MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Susanne Ressl, MPI of Biophysics

Joachim Kopp, MPI for Nuclear Physics

Fabian Suchanek, MPI for Informatics


Daniel Mazin, MPI für Physics

Yaowen Wu, MPI of Molecular Physiology

Andreas M. Fleckner, MPI for Intellectual Property


Eduardo Altmann, MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems

Yvonne Brehmer, MPI for Human Development

Alexander Stein, MPI for Biophysical Chemistry


Holger Hestermeyer, MPI for Comparative Public Law and International Law

Christoph Kayser, MPI for Biological Cybernetics

Ulrike Krewer, MPI for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems


Andrey Rybalchenko, MPI for Informatics

Axel Nimmerjahn, MPI for Medical Research

Boris Pfander, MPI of Biochemistry

Cornelia Woll, MPI for the Studies of Societies

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