A portrait of Martin Stratmann

On June 5, 2014, Martin Stratmann assumed the office of President of the Max Planck Society. The Senate of the Max Planck Society elected him one year ago for the 2014-2020 term of office. more

The Brexit weakens the European Research Area

Each and every one of us can only stand to profit from a stronger European Research Area. It is the basic prerequisite for Europe to retain its competitive strengths – and ultimately expand them. Brexit is a step backwards in these endeavours. [more]

Bundling excellence in Germany anew

Max Planck President calls for greater cooperation between outstanding scientists at universities and at the MPG [more]

The EU must not cut back on research spending

Max Planck President Martin Stratmann criticizes that the EU intends to dip into its research budget to fund the multi-billion investment plan initiated by Jean Claude Juncker. He suggests it would be better to introduce EU-wide tax relief on research and innovation for the private sector. [more]

Medical advancement requires animal research

Systematic research into the mechanisms of life is the foundation of modern medicine. Yet while certain diseases have meanwhile become practically irrelevant, new, unknown clinical pictures are emerging. Without animal research it will not be possible to develop new strategies to prevent or at least alleviate these diseases. [more]
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