Staff members of the Max Planck Society can win attractive cash prizes in the amount of 1,500 euros (1st prize) 1,000 euros (second prize) and 750 euros (third prize).

Have you visualized how neutron stars merge, how chemical traces of ship emissions accumulate in the atmosphere, or how a neural network develops? Are there any secret treasures hidden on your disk drive, which only a few people have seen so far? If so, then send us your sequence!

The winning visualization, simulation or animation will be turned into a short film clip of between 2-3 minutes in length. The film will then be published, e.g. on the Max Planck Society homepage and the Max Planck YouTube Channel. If suitable, other submissions might also be selected for video productions (i.e. the second- and third-placed entries).

Submit your sequence to us - you can win attractive cash prizes and gain a film clip about your research, which you can use for publications and presentations.

Conditions of participation:

Data format: Send us a MOV or MP4 file, preferably in
16:9 format in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) or 720p resolution.  

Transfer: Send us the file via your institutional ftp account or use cryptshare.

Information: Please compose a short, easy-to-understand description of the context for every simulation or visualization submitted: What can be seen in the images? In what contexts were the images produced? What is your research interest in general? What do you hope to find out? (Length: approx. 1,000 characters). Please attach the related scientific paper or a popular scientific article as well, if available.

Footage: Do you have some additional image or video material related to the animation? E.g. photos, SEM images or real life film sequences? If so, please mention this on your submission. While it will not influence your chance to win, it helps us to decide whether or not to produce a short film if you are not awarded first prize.

Legal prerequisite: The rights of use of the submitted material must belong to you or the Institute where you work.

Required personal information
Name, function, Max Planck Institute, name of research group, email address and telephone number. Teams can of course also take part. Please note that this competition is only open to researchers and staff members of the Max Planck Society. Scour your hard drives for hidden treasures!

Closing date for submissions: September 1, 2014.


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