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Max Planck Society grants technology for cancer therapy

July 11, 2017
Daiichi Sankyo, Max Planck Innovation and Lead Discovery Center announce cancer research collaboration [more]

New production process makes medications affordable even for poorer countries

July 11, 2017
FluxPharm licenses process for the cost-effective production of active pharmaceutical ingredients [more]
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Teaching robots to see what they do

May 05, 2017
Max Planck Innovation signs agreement with Lula Robotics to develop technology for autonomous robotics [more]
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PreOmics granted licence for proteomics technique

April 10, 2017
A technique developed by the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry shortens the time required to prepare samples for mass spectrometry [more]
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Vaxxilon named “Science Start-Up of the Year 2016”

November 17, 2016
Vaxxilon is developing carbohydrate-based vaccine candidates that should make vaccinations against bacterial infections cheaper in the future. [more]
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Optogenetics for the search for active substances

October 11, 2016
License agreement between Max Planck Innovation and Photoswitch Biosciences forms the basis for new platform for identifying and testing novel drug candidates [more]
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Abberior Instruments licenses next generation STED-technology

June 24, 2016
Protected STED will improve microscopic imaging of living cells [more]
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