International activities of the Max Planck Society


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Shedding new light on the Ancient Mediterranean

October 06, 2017
The partners of the new Max Planck-Harvard Research Center are investing a total of five million Euros in order to understand the key processes that shaped human history in the ancient Mediterranean by using cutting-edge scientific approaches. [more]

New deal to boost excellent research in Eastern Europe

July 04, 2017
Max Planck Society launches Dioscuri programme to reinforce cutting-edge research in Central and Eastern Europe. Until 2021, an initial funding of over ten million euros is provided for researchers at the initiative's debut in Poland. [more]
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Max Planck Society will host OpenCon 2017 in Berlin

May 10, 2017
Max Planck Society will be hosting the OpenCon 2017 organized by SPARC and the Right to Research Coalition. About 200 international participants around the globe will come together on November 11-13 at the Society’s Conference Center, in Berlin, Germany, the Harnack House, to promote openness in scholarly communication. [more]
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Research and industry provide impetus for Europe

April 03, 2017
Publication of Declaration on the added value of Excellence in European research [more]
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Max-Planck grantees on their ERC research projects

March 13, 2017
ERC funding covers research projects at different stages of a researcher's career and enables, for example, projects involving several experts who join forces to research completely new areas. Below, researchers provide a glimpse into some of their projects - whether it is internet security, research into the desert climate, the social behaviour of chimpanzees, or new approaches to protein design. [more]
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“It was worthwhile to stumble into it”

March 13, 2017
Max Planck Medicine Nobel laureate Erwin Neher about the discussions leading up to the establishment of the European Research Council ERC [more]
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Top funding for top researchers

March 13, 2017
The Max Planck Society congratulates the European Research Council on its tenth anniversary [more]
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