Focus on equal opportunity

Talent, creativity and passion - those are the qualities the Max Planck Society relies on. The Society supports employees irrespective of their gender, nationality, religion, disabilities, age, cultural background or sexual identity. After all, the basis for the cutting-edge research conducted at over 80 Max Planck Institutes lies in diversity.


Gender Equality Officers
Engaged on a special mission

The Gender Equality Officers are important players at Max Planck Institutes and facilities. Working in a voluntary or part-time capacity, they perform their gender equality work on site and lobby in their respective location for gender justice and gender sensitivity. They are the contacts for employees in all questions regarding career advancement, and they help to remove discrimination. They "are involved in all personnel, organizational and social measures relating to equality between men and women, the reconciliation of family life and work as well as protection from sexual harassment at the workplace". The post of Gender Equality Officer is an elected office with a term of four years. At present, the right to vote and stand as a candidate extends to all female and male employees in the MPG.

A Section Gender Equality Officer and two deputies are elected for each scientific Section from the group of Gender Equality Officers. They participate in the gender-appropriate processing of appointment procedures.

The Max Planck Society also has a Central Gender Equality Officer. She advises and supports her colleagues at the Max Planck Institutes and represents the interests of equality both internally and externally. She also acts as the interface between her colleagues at the Institutes and Administrative Headquarters of the Max Planck Society, and ensures that the various viewpoints and concerns of the other side in each case are heard. She advises the management of the Max Planck Society in matters of gender equality policy and plays an active part in developing gender equality policy and strategy.

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