There are about 1265 hits for "brain". Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt am Main +49 69 850033-2000 Navigation top … By means of these data, models of entire brain areas can be created … into how sensory information and behaviors that arise from it are encoded in the brain … For the full text, see the … Summary The cortex of the human brain is folded into an intricate pattern of grooves and … of Neurobiology have induced folds in the normally smooth surface of the mouse brain Our studies of the zebrafish brain vasculature show that blood vessel growth and building of the blood-brain barrier are coordinated by two interacting … For the full text, see the … Information processing in mammalian brains requires exceptional coordination of neural activity ranging from local groups of cells to brain wide interactions … Sprachentwicklung Summary How does the human brain acquire a language … what differences exist in the brain’s learning mechanisms, how these differences arise … Summary Understanding how the brain processes incoming sensory information and generates … Thanks to their transparent brain and readily modifiable genes, zebrafish (Danio rerio … Portrait Facts and Figures Procedures and … Designer Proteins for Brain Research … that is particularly useful for labeling structures that are located deep within the brain sensory information is hard work for our brain: Millions of neurons have to work together … cortical areas plays an important role in the directed routing of information in the brain the elevator, both her representation and that of the elevator become active in his brain … Using MRI data, the researchers were able to show how this mechanism works in the brain

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