Seas and oceans

October 18, 2016

In the science year "Seas and Oceans", the Max Planck Society focussed on the marine research of its institute.

The sound of the oceans: <br /> Immersion into alien worlds
The impact of the Cold War on geophysics and oceanography lies at the centre of Lino Camprubí's research. The Spanish postdoc, who has been researching in Berlin for three years, is currently investigating how submarine surveillance advanced marine acoustics. In an interview, he reports on what marine biologists have learned from this data. more
Sea level – the geographical reference point and indicator of climate change – is a surprisingly variable parameter more
Scientists discover mussels and sponges in the deep sea which can thrive on oil with the help of symbiont bacteria more
Antje Boetius:<br />Getting to the bottom of the deep sea

The ocean is her passion, the seabed her lab bench. Antje Boetius from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen always has multiple objectives in her sights: from discovery and precautionary research to technological development and scientific communication. An act that involves a tackling a lot of challenges at the same time: sometimes in rubber boots, sometimes in high heels.

Bildergalerie: Die Historie der Tauchroboter
Discovering the mysteries of the deep sea.
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