A legacy that creates knowledge

A legacy that creates knowledge

By making a bequest to us – whether in the form of a residuary inheritance, beneficiary rights to a life insurance policy or a lump sum donation – you can create lasting values and promote scientific discovery beyond your own lifetime.

The Max Planck Society, a top-level organization with an outstanding reputation, is renowned for its stability, dependability and excellence. We will use your legacy in a trustworthy and worthwhile way. You will enable the search for answers to questions that have yet to be asked. Your contribution allows us to explore new fields, such as research into materials or health, and to train outstanding junior scientists.

Just imagine, you may even be supporting future Nobel Prize winners in...

  • Cancer, heart and lung research, brain and dementia research
  • Cell biology and genetics, developmental and behavioural biology
  • Astronomy and astrophysics, extraterrestrial physics
  • Meteorology and chemical energy conversion
  • Human development, history of art and law, IT and the study of societies

As a legator, you can contribute...

  • To fund selected scientists or doctoral students
  • To support research topics personally important to you
  • For the benefit of individual projects or institutes
  • To establish a foundation named after you
  • Or genereally include the Max Planck Society in your will

Making a will is a personal matter, but we would very much like to thank you for your generosity during your life-time. We would therefore be delighted to hear from you. Join us on this journey in frontier research and help us shape the future!