Research report 2015 - Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

Nano Quantum Optics

Utikal, Tobias; Eichhamer, Emanuel; Gmeiner, Benjamin; Maser, Andreas; Wang, Daqing; Türschmann, Pierre; Kelkar, Hrishikesh; Rotenberg, Nir; Götzinger, Stephan; Sandoghdar, Vahid
„Nano-Optics Group”
Nanoscopic solid-state quantum systems are gaining significant momentum in quantum optics. Their ability to integrate into photonic nanostructures makes them promising candidates for the realization of future quantum networks. Efficient coupling of single molecules to photonic waveguide structures was recently demonstrated as an elementary building block. It should be possible to investigate the optical coupling between individual quantum systems by employing novel microresonator architectures. In the meantime, single ions in a crystal also find their application in nano-quantum optics.

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