MPR 4 /2007


Succeeding Outside the Mainstream
The Nobel Prize in chemistry awarded to Gerhard Ertl brings the Max Planck Society‘s Nobel laureate count up to 17 since its founding in 1948.

Biology & Medicine

Unicellular Whispers
Occasionally, they can be seen with the naked eye: small orange-yellow spherical structures. Closer exam­ination reveals that they are accumulations of countless bac­teria of the genus Myxococcus.

The Silent Scream of the Lima Bean
Plants use a broad arsenal of signal substances to fend off herbivores. It is these quiet strategies that interest the researchers attending a congress in Jena.

The Tough Road to Sobriety
The "Outpatient Long-term Intensive Therapy for Alcoholics"
has proven successful. Nevertheless, its future is uncertain
– the dispute over who will pay for it remains unresolved.

Environment & Climate

Taking Air Samples on the Go
Once a year, atmospheric chemists travel by train from Moscow to Vladivostok and collect data on the concentration of surface-level climate-relevant trace gases.

Culture & Society

Ina Bornkessel
Ina Bornkessel is researching the underlying principles of language processing in the brain. Her interest in this subject was sparked early on – during her childhood in Tasmania.
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