MPR 3 /2007


Fear in the Wake of Terror
Apart from their immediate consequences, terrorist attacks also have an indirect impact, as they arouse uncertainty and fears in the minds of many people – and thus trigger behaviors that often amplify the damage.

Physics & Astronomy

Only the Big Bang Was More Powerful
Gamma-ray bursts bear witness to the most powerful explosions in our universe. At a congress in Schloss Ringberg, astrophysicists discussed just what might be behind these intense eruptions.

Ulrich Christensen
Ulrich Christensen goes way below planetary surfaces. He simulates their interiors and investigates their makeup in the search to clarify how their magnetic fields come about.

Biology & Medicine

Boning Up on History
If the bones won’t come to the researcher, then the
researcher must go to the bones. Using a mobile tomograph, paleoanthropologists are reconstructing fossilized skulls to investigate human development.

Material & Technology

A Short Process in a Chemical Reactor
Some chemical processes behave like good-natured monsters: they can be controlled, but they remain fairly unpredictable
– and that’s why they cost the chemical industry millions.

Culture & Society

The Economics of Resort Holidays
We can’t seem to get enough of traveling. Evolutionary
economists suspect that this is our way of satisfying
numerous needs – including the need for good health.
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