MPR 2 /2007


A Reform That Misses Its Mark
Early in the present decade, political actors at the national and regional levels finally seemed to agree: if government at both levels was to remain effective, Germany‘s system of federalism needed to be reformed.

Physics & Astronomy

240 Elephants in a Tunnel
The Large Hadron Collider at CERN near Geneva will be put into operation in late 2007. Nuclear physicists aim to use this facility to reconstruct the Big Bang and penetrate the world of the most minuscule of particles.

Culture & Society

From Contract to Conflict between Generations?
The chances of living a long life are getting better and better – with far-reaching consequences for both individuals and society.

The Machinery of Life
For some animals, 19th century scientific testing methods included being firmly clamped into an experimental device. Today, researchers are documenting the origins of physiology on the Internet.

Prompters on the Political Stage
For members of parliament, voting is part and parcel of their political routine. But what role do lobbyists play in Europe‘s political theater?

Laura Bernardi
Laura Bernardi from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock takes a close look at the lives of families and analyzes their plans.
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