MPR 1 /2007


Research Has a Future in Europe
Europe is on the move – and with it, so are science and, especially, research funding.

Physics & Astronomy

Molecules in Slow Motion
At temperatures near absolute zero, atoms act and react in slow motion, pro viding insights into their quantum properties.

Biology & Medicine

The Advantages of Being Different
Zebra finches exhibit major differences in their mating and sexual behavior – from shy to aggressive. Evolutionary biologists question what advantages such a high degree of individuality can have.

Impaired Contact in Neuronal Networks
Schizophrenia and autism may both stem from the same cause – a faulty transfer of signals to the synaptic connections between individual neurons.

Bill Hansson
Bill Hansson, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena, studies which odor molecules insects detect with their feelers and how they process these signals.

Culture & Society

Connecting Science and Business
The figures are impressive: To date, some 2,600 inventions
have been managed, approximately 1,550 commercialization agreements signed and licensing fees totaling more than 200 million euros recorded on the books.
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