MPR 4 /2008


Where the World Seeks Redress
For the past decade, individuals, too, can be summoned to
The Hague – chosen after World War I as the seat of the
International Court of Justice – to be called to account for
international crimes.

Physics & Astronomy

Tinkering in Uncharted Technological Territory
Many of the instruments and devices physicists need for their research must first be designed – and their manufacture often requires fiddly precision work.

Dust in Space
Stars are created from dust and they create dust
– astrophysicists use every instrument and theory
to investigate the many and varied facets of this cycle.

Biology & Medicine

Cell Evolution in Fast Motion
How were plant cells, and thus higher forms of life on Earth, able to evolve from bacteria? Ralph Bock, Director at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology in Golm, has been exploring this question for many years.

Material & Technology

Ulrike Krewer
When direct methanol fuel cells can fi nally be used as energy sources for a wide range of applications, we will probably have Ulrike Krewer to thank for it.

Culture & Society

Toward a Life of Longing?
Researchers conducted the first-ever study of how life longings arise, how they effect us and what their purpose is – and they fathomed a complex and deeply human emotion.
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