MPR 3 /2008


In Praise of Simplicity
Mankind owes its prosperity and its fund of knowledge primarily to the division of labor. It is this phenomenon that has brought both industry and science to their present peak of productivity.

Biology & Medicine

Sleepless in Seewiesen
With the help of a wind tunnel, ornithologists are keen to find out whether migratory birds occasionally sleep with one brain hemisphere during long-distance flights.

Growth Treatments for Nerve Cells
Mending broken connections between nerve cells in the spinal cord is one of the biggest challenges for neurobiology.

Environment & Climate

Dirk Notz
There are many reasons why Dirk Notz, who was recently appointed head of a research group at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, loves all questions relating to climate – one of them being the nature experience he gains on his adventure-packed expeditions to the Arctic.

Culture & Society

Beauty Beyond Measure
Experts from various disciplines discuss whether what is widely perceived as beautiful can be expressed in universally applicable formulas.

Hatred Behind Bars
Youth violence directed at those who are different or foreign has many root causes, and can hardly be combated with draconian punishment.
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