MPR 2 /2008


Universities – Elitist but Nevertheless Fair?
The Excellence Initiative pursued by Germany’s federal government has acted as a catalyst in stimulating and accelerating the process of differentiation in the German university landscape.

Environment & Climate

Survival through Diversity
More than 480 different sections of meadow in the Saale
valley near Jena form the test area for a unique biodiversity experiment.

Culture & Society

New Paths through the Virtual World
Cybernetics experts are using the world’s first omnidirectional platform to study how the brains of walkers combine hearing, seeing and feeling.

Equations of Discontinuity
Many years passed before the new physics discovered by Max Planck was explained mathematically and established as quantum mechanics.

The Disappearance of Magic
A psycholinguist has been visiting the Trobriand Islands for 25 years and has experienced dramatic changes in the inhabitants’ language and culture.

Joshua R. Goldstein
Initially, Joshua R. Goldstein didn’t know exactly where Rostock was located. However, he was lured by the excellent reputation of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research – and recently took over as Director.
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