MPR 1 /2008


The Planet’s Laundromat
The Amazon region cleans the atmosphere, keeps the global atmospheric cycle running and stores water on a grand scale. These are just three reasons why the Max Planck Society main-
tains a branch in Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon region.

Biology & Medicine

Rukina’s Remarkable Family
Studying gorillas requires courage as well as stamina. To investigate the lifestyles of these primates, researchers track them through the rainforest of Uganda – at a respectful distance.

Material & Technology

Gerhard Ertl
Gerhard Ertl lives for his research, but there is no grimness in his determination. The Nobel Prize winner laughs much and often – and is very free with his humorous remarks.

Culture & Society

Fighting It Out in Court
In the German Rail workers’ wage dispute, the opposing parties frequently resorted to the labor courts. Political scientist Britta Rehder foresees unwelcome consequences if this becomes the general rule.

Demographic Change – A Security Issue
The structure of the population is changing
– in Germany and in the world as a whole.

Police Dragnets Catch Few Fish
Criminologist Dirk Pehl analyzes the practice and success of this investigation method. According to his findings, it is worthwhile only in preparing large-scale DNA tests.
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