Research report 2014 - Associated Institute - Research Center caesar (center of advanced european studies and research)

Shedding light on male infertility


Wachten, Dagmar


Minerva-Forschungsgruppe Molekulare Physiologie
Assoziierte Einrichtung - Forschungszentrum caesar (center of advanced european studies and research), Bonn

The underlying causes of male infertility are diverse; however, in almost 50% of the cases, there is no apparent reason for the infertility – it is idiopathic. Recently, one of the key players for sperm development, a new protein called CRIS, has been identified. CRIS knock-out males did not produce any sperm – they were infertile. However, some of the males had sperm, but their swimming behavior was completely different from normal sperm, resulting in a severely reduced fertility.

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