Publications 2019

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  1. 21.
    Chang, T.; Wang, J.; Lu, J.; Shen, Z.; Huang, Y.; Sun, J.; Xu, H.; Wang, X.; Ren, D.; Cao, J.: Evaluation of Indoor Air Pollution during the Decorating Process and Inhalation Health Risks in Xi'an, China: A Case Study. Aerosol and Air Quality Research 19 (4), pp. 854 - 864 (2019)
  2. 22.
    Dave, A. K.; Courty, M.-A.; Fitzsimmons, K. E.; Singhvi, A. K.: Revisiting the contemporaneity of a mighty river and the Harappans: Archaeological, stratigraphic and chronometric constraints. Quaternary Geochronology 49, pp. 230 - 235 (2019)
  3. 23.
    De Vleeschouwer, D.; Petrick, B. F.; Martinez-Garcia, A.: Stepwise Weakening of the Pliocene Leeuwin Current. Geophysical Research Letters 46 (14), pp. 8310 - 8319 (2019)
  4. 24.
    Deeter, M. N.; Edwards, D. P.; Francis, G. L.; Gille, J. C.; Mao, D.; Martinez-Alonso, S.; Worden, H. M.; Ziskin, D.; Andreae, M. O.: Radiance-based retrieval bias mitigation for the MOPITT instrument: the version 8 product. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 12 (8), pp. 4561 - 4580 (2019)
  5. 25.
    Deplazes, G.; Meckler, A. N.; Peterson, L. C.; Hamann, Y.; Aeschlimann, B.; Gunther, D.; Martinez-Garcia, A.; Haug, G. H.: Fingerprint of tropical climate variability and sea level in sediments of the Cariaco Basin during the last glacial period. Sedimentology: the journal of the International Association of Sedimentologists 66 (5), pp. 1967 - 1988 (2019)
  6. 26.
    Desai, N.; Glienke, S.; Fugal, J.; Shaw, R. A.: Search for Microphysical Signatures of Stochastic Condensation in Marine Boundary Layer Clouds Using Airborne Digital Holography. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 124 (5), pp. 2739 - 2752 (2019)
  7. 27.
    Dias-Junior, C. Q.; Dias, N. L.; dos Santos, O. M. N.; Sörgel, M.; Araujo, A.; Tsokankunku, A.; Ditas, F.; de Santana, R. A.; von Randow, C.; Sa, M. et al.; Pöhlker, C.; Toledo Machado, L. A.; de Sa, L. D.; Moran-Zuloaga, D.; Janssen, R.; Acevedo, O.; Oliveira, A.; Fisch, G.; Chor, T.; Manzi, N.: Is There a Classical Inertial Sublayer Over the Amazon Forest? Geophysical Research Letters 46 (10), pp. 5614 - 5622 (2019)
  8. 28.
    Dinger, F.; Bredemeyer, S.; Arellano, S.; Bobrowski, N.; Platt, U.; Wagner, T.: On the link between Earth tides and volcanic degassing. Solid Earth 10 (3), pp. 725 - 740 (2019)
  9. 29.
    Drozdov, A. P.; Kong, P. P.; Minkov, V. S.; Besedin, S. P.; Kuzovnikov, M. A.; Mozaffari, S.; Balicas, L.; Balakirev, F. F.; Graf, D. E.; Prakapenka, V. B. et al.; Greenberg, E.; Knyazev, D. A.; Tkacz, M.; Eremets, M. I.: Superconductivity at 250 K in lanthanum hydride under high pressures. Nature 569 (2019)
  10. 30.
    Eger, P. G.; Helleis, F.; Schuster, G.; Phillips, G. J.; Lelieveld, J.; Crowley, J. N.: Chemical ionization quadrupole mass spectrometer with an electrical discharge ion source for atmospheric trace gas measurement. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 12 (3), pp. 1935 - 1954 (2019)
  11. 31.
    Erguler, K.; Pontiki, I.; Zittis, G.; Proestos, Y.; Christodoulou, V.; Tsirigotakis, N.; Antoniou, M.; Kasap, O. E. R.; Alten, B.; Lelieveld, J.: A climate-driven and field data-assimilated population dynamics model of sand flies. Scientific Reports 9 (2019)
  12. 32.
    Eyoy, E.; Maclean, A. M.; Royelli, G.; Li, Y.; Tsimpidi, A. P.; Karydis, V. A.; Kamal, S.; Lelieveld, J.; Shiraiwa, M.; Reid, J. P. et al.; Bertram, A. K.: Predictions of diffusion rates of large organic molecules in secondary organic aerosols using the Stokes-Einstein and fractional Stokes-Einstein relations. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19 (15), pp. 10073 - 10085 (2019)
  13. 33.
    Fanourgakis, G. S.; Kanakidou, M.; Nenes, A.; Bauer, S. E.; Bergman, T.; Carslaw, K. S.; Grini, A.; Hamilton, D. S.; Johnson, J. S.; Karydis, V. A. et al.; Kirkevag, A.; Kodros, J. K.; Lohmann, U.; Luo, G.; Makkonen, R.; Matsui, H.; Neubauer, D.; Pierce, J. R.; Schmale, J.; Stier, P.; Tsigaridis, K.; van Noije, T.; Wang, H.; Watson-Parris, D.; Westervelt, D. M.; Yang, Y.; Yoshioka, M.; Daskalakis, N.; Decesari, S.; Gysel-Beer, M.; Kalivitis, N.; Liu, X.; Mahowald, N. M.; Myriokefalitakis, S.; Schrodner, R.; Sfakianaki, M.; Tsimpidi, A. P.; Wu, M.; Yu, F.: Evaluation of global simulations of aerosol particle and cloud condensation nuclei number, with implications for cloud droplet formation. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19 (13), pp. 8591 - 8617 (2019)
  14. 34.
    Fernandez-Brime, S.; Muggia, L.; Maier, S.; Grube, M.; Wedin, M.: Bacterial communities in an optional lichen symbiosis are determined by substrate, not algal photobionts. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 95 (3) (2019)
  15. 35.
    Filippi, A.; Liu, F.; Wilson, J.; Lelieveld, S.; Korschelt, K.; Wang, T.; Wang , Y.; Reich, T.; Pöschl, U.; Tremel, W. et al.; Tong, H.: Antioxidant activity of cerium dioxide nanoparticles and nanorods in scavenging hydroxyl radicals. RSC Advances 9 (20), pp. 11077 - 11081 (2019)
  16. 36.
    Fitzsimmons, K. E.; Spry, C.; Stern, N.: Holocene and recent aeolian reactivation of the Willandra Lakes lunettes, semi-arid southeastern Australia. The Holocene 29 (4), pp. 606 - 621 (2019)
  17. 37.
    Fonseca-Batista, D.; Li, X.; Riou, V.; Michotey, V.; Deman, F.; Fripiat, F.; Guasco, S.; Brion, N.; Lemaitre, N.; Tonnard, M. et al.; Gallinari, M.; Planquette, H.; Planchon, F.; Sarthou, G.; Elskens, M.; LaRoche, J.; Chou, L.; Dehairs, F.: Evidence of high N2 fixation rates in the temperate northeast Atlantic. Biogeosciences 16 (5), pp. 999 - 1017 (2019)
  18. 38.
    Forkel, M.; Andela, N.; Harrison, S. P.; Lasslop, G.; van Marle, M.; Chuvieco, E.; Dorigo, W.; Forrest, M.; Hantson, S.; Heil, A. et al.; Li, F.; Melton, J.; Sitch, S.; Yue, C.; Arneth, A.: Emergent relationships with respect to burned area in global satellite observations and fire-enabled vegetation models. Biogeosciences 16 (1), pp. 57 - 76 (2019)
  19. 39.
    Franco, B.; Clarisse, L.; Stavrakou, T.; Mueller, J. -.; Pozzer, A.; Hadji-Lazaro, J.; Hurtmans, D.; Clerbaux, C.; Coheur, P. -.: Acetone Atmospheric Distribution Retrieved From Space. Geophysical Research Letters 46 (5), pp. 2884 - 2893 (2019)
  20. 40.
    Frieß, U.; Beirle, S.; Bonilla, L. A.; Bösch, T.; Friedrich, M. M.; Hendrick, F.; Piters, A.; Richter, A.; van Roozendael, M.; Rozanov, V. V. et al.; Spinei, E.; Tirpitz, J.-L.; Vlemmix, T.; Wagner, T.; Wang, Y.: Intercomparison of MAX-DOAS vertical profile retrieval algorithms: studies using synthetic data. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 12 (4), pp. 2155 - 2181 (2019)
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