Publications 2019

Journal Article

  1. 21.
    Beyersdorff, O.; Chew, L.; Sreenivasaiah, K.: A Game Characterisation of Tree-like Q-Resolution Size. Journal of Computer and System Sciences 104, pp. 82 - 101 (2019)
  2. 22.
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  3. 23.
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  4. 24.
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  5. 25.
    Borassi, M.; Natale, E.: KADABRA is an ADaptive Algorithm for Betweenness via Random Approximation. Journal of Experimental Algorithmics 24 (1) (2019)
  6. 26.
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  7. 27.
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  8. 28.
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  9. 29.
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  10. 30.
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  11. 31.
    Chandran, L. S.; Issac, D.; Zhou, S.: Hadwiger's Conjecture for Squares of 2-Trees. European Journal of Combinatorics 76, pp. 159 - 174 (2019)
  12. 32.
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  13. 33.
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  14. 34.
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  17. 37.
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  18. 38.
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  19. 39.
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  20. 40.
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