Publications 2019

Working Paper

  1. 241.
    Bläser, M.; Ikenmeyer, C.; Lysikov, V.; Pandey, A.; Schreyer, F.-O.: Variety Membership Testing, Algebraic Natural Proofs, and Geometric Complexity Theory. (2019), 50 pp.
  2. 242.
    Bradford, R.; Davenport, J. H.; England, M.; Errami, H.; Gerdt, V.; Grigoriev, D.; Hoyt, C.; Košta, M.; Radulescu, O.; Sturm, T. et al.; Weber, A.: Identifying the Parametric Occurrence of Multiple Steady States for some Biological Networks. (2019), 60 pp.
  3. 243.
    Bringmann, K.; Künnemann, M.; Węgrzycki, K.: Approximating APSP without Scaling: Equivalence of Approximate Min-Plus and Exact Min-Max. (2019), 35 pp.
  4. 244.
    Bringmann, K.; Künnemann, M.; Nusser, A.: Walking the Dog Fast in Practice: Algorithm Engineering of the Fréchet Distance. (2019), 34 pp.
  5. 245.
    Bund, J.; Lenzen, C.; Rosenbaum, W.: Fault Tolerant Gradient Clock Synchronization. (2019), 21 pp.
  6. 246.
    Bund, J.; Lenzen, C.; Medina, M.: Optimal Metastability-Containing Sorting via Parallel Prefix Computation. (2019), 18 pp.
  7. 247.
    Chu, C. X.; Razniewski, S.; Weikum, G.: TiFi: Taxonomy Induction for Fictional Domains [Extended version]. (2019), 11 pp.
  8. 248.
    Dörfler, J.; Ikenmeyer, C.; Panova, G.: On Geometric Complexity Theory: Multiplicity Obstructions are Stronger than Occurrence Obstructions. (2019), 24 pp.
  9. 249.
    Eden, T.; Ron, D.; Rosenbaum, W.: The Arboricity Captures the Complexity of Sampling Edges. (2019), 24 pp.
  10. 250.
    Elgharib, M.; BR, M.; Tewari, A.; Kim, H.; Liu, W.; Seidel, H.-P.; Theobalt, C.: EgoFace: Egocentric Face Performance Capture and Videorealistic Reenactment. (2019), 10 pp.
  11. 251.
    Facca, E.; Karrenbauer, A.; Kolev, P.; Mehlhorn, K.: Convergence of the Non-Uniform Directed Physarum Model. (2019), 14 pp.
  12. 252.
    Fried, O.; Tewari, A.; Zollhöfer, M.; Finkelstein, A.; Shechtman, E.; Goldman, D. B.; Genova, K.; Jin, Z.; Theobalt, C.; Agrawala, M.: Text-based Editing of Talking-head Video. (2019), 14 pp.
  13. 253.
    Habibie, I.; Xu, W.; Mehta, D.; Pons-Moll, G.; Theobalt, C.: In the Wild Human Pose Estimation Using Explicit 2D Features and Intermediate 3D Representations. (2019), 15 pp.
  14. 254.
    Hedderich, M. A.; Yates, A.; Klakow, D.; de Melo, G.: Using Multi-Sense Vector Embeddings for Reverse Dictionaries. (2019), 12 pp.
  15. 255.
    Huang, M. X.; Bulling, A.: SacCalib: Reducing Calibration Distortion for Stationary Eye Trackers Using Saccadic Eye Movements. (2019), 10 pp.
  16. 256.
    Huang, M. X.; Li, J.; Ngai, G.; Leong, H. V.; Bulling, A.: Moment-to-Moment Detection of Internal Thought from Eye Vergence Behaviour. (2019), 22 pp.
  17. 257.
    Jiang, C.; Tang, C.; Seidel, H.-P.; Chen, R.; Wonka, P.: Computational Design of Lightweight Trusses. (2019), 15 pp.
  18. 258.
    Kaltenpoth, D.; Vreeken, J.: We Are Not Your Real Parents: Telling Causal from Confounded using MDL. (2019), 10 pp.
  19. 259.
    Karrenbauer, A.; Kolev, P.; Mehlhorn, K.: Convergence of the Non-Uniform Physarum Dynamics. (2019), 11 pp.
  20. 260.
    Lahoti, P.; Gummadi, K. P.; Weikum, G.: Operationalizing Individual Fairness with Pairwise Fair Representations. (2019), 12 pp.
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