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  1. Beshir, W. F.; Tohge, T.; Watanabe, M.; Hertog, M. L. A. T. M.; Hoefgen, R.; Fernie, A. R.; Nicolaï, B. M.: Non-aqueous fractionation revealed changing subcellular metabolite distribution during apple fruit development. Horticulture Research 6 (1), 98 (2019)
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  11. Claeys, H.; Vi, S. L.; Xu, X.; Satoh-Nagasawa, N.; Eveland, A. L.; Goldshmidt, A.; Feil, R.; Beggs, G. A.; Sakai, H.; Brennan, R. G. et al.; Lunn, J. E.; Jackson, D.: Control of meristem determinacy by trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatases is uncoupled from enzymatic activity. Nature Plants 5 (4), pp. 352 - 357 (2019)
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  13. de Haro, L. A.; Arellano, S. M.; Novák, O.; Feil, R.; Dumón, A. D.; Mattio, M. F.; Tarkowská, D.; Llauger, G.; Strnad, M.; Lunn, J. E. et al.; Pearce, S.; Figueroa, C. M.; del Vas, M.: Mal de Río Cuarto virus infection causes hormone imbalance and sugar accumulation in wheat leaves. BMC Plant Biology 19 (1), 112 (2019)
  14. De Smet, B.; Willems, P.; Fernandez-Fernandez, A. D.; Alseekh, S.; Fernie, A. R.; Messens, J.; Van Breusegem, F.: In vivo detection of protein cysteine sulfenylation in plastids. The Plant Journal 97 (4), pp. 765 - 778 (2019)
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