MPR Special "Innovation" /2009


Basic Research Is the Key Driver of Innovation
Scientists driven by pure curiosity create the basis for new techno logies – with convincing results, in both material and non-material terms. They are the ones who explain what holds the world together at its core.

Physics & Astronomy

Outsmarting Optical Boundaries
Trying to controvert a seemingly incontrovertible law is a hard job. And Stefan Hell discovered just how hard when he attempted to thwart the resolution limit of optical microscopes. Initially, his ideas fell on deaf ears. Today, however, Stefan Hell is a Director at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry.

Biology & Medicine

A Reliable Vaccine
Effective and safe – This is what distinguishes the new class of vaccines based on an invention from the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry.

Polishing Medical Rough Diamonds
The development process from a candidate agent identified by basic research to the final pharmaceutical product requires painstaking and expensive research. The Lead Discovery Center develops potential drugs to the point at which industry can take over.

Memory with Metabolic Patterns
The company metanomics systematically influences plant characteristics through their genes, for example to increase yields.

Material & Technology

Computers at the Helm
An autopilot for river boats needs to be especially cautious – Ernst Dieter Gilles tailored it to be just so.

Cooking Steel for the Cars of Tomorrow
Steel used for vehicles should make them light and economical, offer protection in accidents and impose as few limits on designers as possible. Scientists working with Georg Frommeyer create alloys to meet these requirements.

Pioneers between the Poles
Rechargeable lithium batteries have a big future as energy storage. Discoveries by Joachim Maier and his co-workers in the field of nanoionics help boost their performance.

Perceiving the Pattern
Pattern recognition aids in analyzing structures in the universe, music, melanomas and brain waves.

Culture & Society

Connecting Science and Business
The staff at Max Planck Innovation help turn bold ideas into applications. They assist researchers with licensing negotiations and establishing spin-offs.
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