MPR 4 /2009


Demographic Change: A Major Political Problem Zone
The future age structure in Germany will have a significant impact on social policy.

Physics & Astronomy

Bridges That Bind Sand
What holds sandcastles together at their core? Researchers are studying such complex structures.

Biology & Medicine

Potency Boost for Cells
A single factor from adult brain stem cells can be used to generate true cellular jacks-of-all-trades for regenerative medicine.

Material & Technology

A Commuter between Metallic Dimensions
Personal Portrait: Dierk Raabe

Balance Built on Dust
They are called otoconia – tiny crystals in the inner ear that help us maintain our balance. A good reason to take a closer look at these particles.

Environment & Climate

Climate Buried in the Soil
Most people associate the term climate with atmosphere, but there are also important processes that take place in the soil. These have been largely neglected in climate models to date.

Culture & Society

Do Bonuses Do the Trick?
Incentives for managers were used as far back as the 19th century. However, they proved to be not necessarily a profitable investment for the company.
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