MPR 2 /2009


The Cautious Path to a Stable State
Afghanistan is an oppressed country and needs help from the international community. The opportunities are many and varied.

Physics & Astronomy

Black Holes: The Shapers of the Galaxies
Black holes were long considered to be cosmic curiosities. But at the centers of galaxies, they play an important role.

Shedding Light on Light
Personal Portrait: Gerd Leuchs - Light is all around us, but we still don’t fully understand it. That is about to change: Gerd Leuchs is one of the Founding Directors establishing the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light – a research field that promises numerous new applications.

Biology & Medicine

The Sabotage of Cell Logistics
The bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis uses a trick to ensure its survival within its host cell. There, it exploits the cell’s distribution center.

Material & Technology

Plastics with a Bright Future
Organic electronics is paving the way for flexible solar cells and luminescent films.

Environment & Climate

Safe Havens for Methane Eaters
Protecting the climate means also protecting the biotopes in which methane-oxidizing bacteria live.

Culture & Society

A Game for Life
Our economic decisions are not driven solely by a desire to maximize personal gain.
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