MPR 1 /2009


Better to Step in Early than Fix Things Later
As a country that prides itself on its education system,
Germany was left reeling by the PISA study.

Biology & Medicine

Kirsten Bomblies
Kirsten Bomblies uses an unassuming plant known as thale cress to examine in detail how new species are formed. Her aim is to shed light on one of the elementary mechanisms of evolution.

Environment & Climate

Researchers in Deep Water
At depths of several kilometers, unique ecosystems can be found in the so-called “cold seeps” on the ocean fl oor, the role of which is currently being researched in the context of global material cycles.

Climate Protection without Borders
Stabilizing the world’s climate and simultaneously supplying the world with energy requires technical innovation and creativity at the political level.

Culture & Society

The Tool of Knowledge
Starting with completely abstract structures, mathematicians develop new theories and models that precisely formulate and describe real properties of the real world.

Science in Sketches
They look as if they’ve been haphazardly dashed off, are often hard to decipher and are obviously not intended for anyone else
to understand.
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