Research report 2013 - Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy

Infrared Interferometry of dust and gas disks surrounding young stars

Kreplin, Alexander; Weigelt, Gerd; Grinin, Vladimir; Hofmann, Karl-Heinz; Schertl, Dieter; Tambovtseva, Larisa
Forschungsabteilung „Infrarot-Astronomie”
Infrared interferometry with three or more telescopes can provide an angular resolution that is as high as the theoretical resolution of a telescope with a mirror diameter of 130m. It is even possible to perform infrared interferometric measurements with both high angular resolution and high spectral resolution simultaneously. This method enables us to obtain unique insights into the circumstellar disks of young stars and makes studies of the accretion process possible. Measurements of the young stars KK Oph und MWC 297 are presented.

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